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Platinum ™ Tarp Straps

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WARNING Sudden rupture or disconnect from anchor while in a stretched position can cause serious injuries. Wear safety glasses during tie down and disconnect. Not to be substituted as a primary tie down device for load. Inspect strap before each use and discard if cut, cracked or abraided. Max safe stretch: 50% of length rubber length.

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Rubber Size

10PS-TSA 10" Platinum™ Tarp Strap 10 Inches
15PS-TSA 15" Platinum™ Tarp Strap 15 Inches
21PS-TSA 21" Platinum™ Tarp Strap 21 Inches
31PS-TSA 31" Platinum™ Tarp Strap 31 Inches
41PS-TSA 41" Platinum™ Tarp Strap 41 Inches
  Results 1 - 5 of 5 1